Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Platinum Card and the C Word 

Our bank has just offered us a nice credit card upgrade from Gold to Platinum. More points, same fees, and we get to flash our platinum cards, which is slightly cool now that everyone and their dog has gold cards.

Nice move Westpac, but what will you do next time around? What comes after platinum??

It's like the "C word". It was on Sex and the City, but I'm still not comfortable with it. But a generation from now, it'll be commonplace is my guess, just like my parents were not as comfortable with fuck as I am.

And then the same thing happens - we run out of swear words with bite.

So I predict the future will have combos to replace them. After platinum will be Ultra Platinum, and after c*nt will be spastic retard c*nt.

Not the same is it!

Or maybe we'll go retro and we'll have the Jolly Good card and call someone a Dastardly Bugger.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Universal Rules: An Update 

After 10+ years of testing rule #1, I have faith that it is true:

#1 Everyone wants to be loved, and some will do whatever it takes, misguided or not

Now, a new epiphany, which as they are want to be, arrived in a toilet cubicle.

#2 Everyone needs to control some aspect of their life

It needs 10 years of contemplation and testing, but feels good. It is my standard response to complaints about roadside litter, and grafitti. In a world where increasingly our destiny is not of our own choosing, small victories of self-determintion can keep folk sane - from buying a lotto ticket to eating an unhealthy snack, if it is our choice, we can feel we have some control over this crazy life.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My Super 14 Picks 

The bookies rank them thusly:

Crusaders 3
Bulls 3
Hurricanes 6
Brumbies 6
Chiefs 8
Stormers 13
Blues 16
Waratahs 17
Highlanders 67
Reds 81
Sharks 101
Cheetahs 151
Lions 331
Western Force 501

I've ranked them in groups, with the Hurricanes and Chiefs being my top picks this year. I figure any team will beat a team in a lower ranked group, and teams in the same group, it could go either way:



Western Force



Teams that can upset are Blues & Lions. A team that can start well but wilt in the 2nd half are the Cheetahs.


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