Saturday, December 19, 2009

Channel Nine: Annus Horribilis 2010? 

I can't help but think, just as the rush to make reality shows a few years ago now seems a little foolish, Channel Nine in Australia is going to fail spectacularly next year, based on the new local shows they have planned:

Hey Hey it's Saturday - watch ratings slowly dwindle as we recall why it stopped running years ago

Between The Lines "sports-based and feature audience participation". Nope. Might be great for the audience, but folk at home don't like watching audiences.

Top Gear - never took off, channel change won't help

Underbelly 3 - scraping the barrel with a story already told several times previously

Another Gordon Ramsay show - haven't they heard we are all over him?

"Australian Families of Crime, hidden camera show You're Nicked and the police dog show Send In the Dogs round out the true crime component." - No comment necessary.

I think their Go! channel might get higher ratings, a prediction you heard here first, and nowhere else.


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