Thursday, December 25, 2003

Sniff up, it's time to get going... 

Not as concealed as a hip flask....
Take a deep breath...
... but an advance none the less. It is called "Alcohol With Out Liquid (AWOL). Wonderful, accurate name.

The AWOL machine comes from England and costs about $US3,400. It:

"includes the hand-held diffuser into which the booze of choice is poured; this, in turn, is connected to an oxygen generator the size of a school packsack. The drink is then snorted up the nose like a nasal decongestant -- or, if you prefer, a line of cocaine -- instead of slogged down the throat with a sweet mix like Coke or ginger ale."

Because the alc enters the bloodstream through the lungs, and not the digestive system, it avoids (wrecking) the liver. Supposedly you don't get a hangover either.

Sources: Globe and Mail, T3
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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Frozen Willy 

Keiko of Free Willy fame has died of pneumonia. I can just imagine the conversation that would've occured in 1998:

Free Willy Keiko Foundation: How's it going Keiko?
Keiko: Oh, you know. The pools a bit cramped, but it's a cushy existence
FWKF: Well you're gonna get a lot more space man, we're gettin' ya outta here!
Keiko: What's the catch?
FWKF: No catch dude. You'll be totally free and maybe you can hang out with your rellies again
Keiko: Wait a minute! You're taking me from this tropical paradise to that godforsaken place...
FWKF: It's your natural habitat!
Keiko: Not any more it ain't - I'll catch my death up in Arctic...

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

What happened to Saddam's doubles? 

Well, Saddam has been caught...

Maybe. Remember all those doubles he supposedly had? Notice how bewildered he looked? Perhaps it's not bewilderment, but just bad acting skills - all this double has ever needed to do in the past is walk and wave!

Question: Will there be any independent DNA test?

Question: Undoubtedly many loyal Iraqis will be saying that it's only a double - why is this not being reported?

If it is a double it would explain the storybook capture, undoubtedly timed to damage Howard Dean's momentum and probably to clog the news and stop us hearing about some new law they passed...

Here's Michael Moore's take on things -well worth reading to keep in perspective things like how come Iraq owes $40 billion
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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Saddam caught earlier? 

The conspiracy theorists (well, Rense) only took a day to come up with this:

According to DEBKAfile analysts, these seven anomalies point to one conclusion: Saddam Hussein was not in hiding; he was a prisoner.

It all makes sense, except that when they say:

3. The hole dug in the floor of a cellar in a farm compound near Tikrit was primitive indeed - 6ft across and 8ft across with minimal sanitary arrangements - a far cry from his opulent palaces.

4. Saddam looked beaten and hungry.

5. Detained with him were two unidentified men, two AK-47 assault guns and a pistol, none of which were used.

...they neglect to mention that Saddam had the pistol on his person. How often do prisoners get to keep their guns??

I guess it's good that they caught him, but one side of me was thinking how good it was that someone could give the US the finger and get away with it.
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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Sunday rewards 

Well it's a beautiful Sunday, 27 degrees celsius, I'm gonna head to St Kilda, drink beer and play lawn bowls with some funky music pumping, watch the sun go down from the beach, eat some Indonesian food, shoot some pool while the Nudist Funk Orchestra play, then chat up chicks at the GPB ... with friends of course.
St Kilda Lawn Bowls

Hmmm... might catch a movie before hand, and before that cook some roast beef to put in some bread rolls (meat grease and butter, match made in heaven) for lunch. And before that work bloody hard like I have been all bloody week!

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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Cypress Hill - back in Melb after 10 years 

Insane in the Membrane!
Cypress Hill Buddha

As the senior member of the audience (?) I chose not to be in the mosh pit, and was looking down from the top floor. Sound wasn't so good but at least my beer stayed upright, and I didn't have any body-surfers arriving on my head. The most straight and sober I have been in a ages for a gig, and despite that, throughly enjoyed it. Some Aussie rappers (Hilltop Boys?) were on beforehand, and while their records might be turn out to be okay, they looked and acted like kiddies who practice in their bedroom.

Cypress Hill were the real deal. I already knew the songs were great, but live they were way cool. They had the crowd in their hands, they sang with conviction, they had a giant inflatable Buddha - what more could you ask for? Throughly recommended.
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Friday, December 05, 2003

Bye bye democracy 

I don't get on my highhorse over trivial things (unless I find them funny...)

This is not funny. The upcoming US presidential election will be rigged. Republicans will be doing much better than expected, and the world's self-proclaimed #1 democracy will edge closer to a Totalitarian Regime.


A summary of the 2002 election by found that in 14 races, there was a 3-16 point swing to the Republican Party after the final poll was taken providing several stunning upsets. By contrast, in only two races was there a swing toward the Democratic Party, between 2-4 points.
The Free Press

Overt Republicans own and run the electronic voting machine companies:

Diebold’s CEO Wally O’Dell is an ardent Bush supporter who recently hosted a $10,000-a-plate fundraiser for the President in his manor in the affluent Columbus suburb of Upper Arlington. He is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President next year" while, at the same time, attempting to contract with the state of Ohio for his fabulously flawed voting machines.
The Free Press

That quote about his committment is genuine. Maybe just a slip of the tongue, but I doubt many Americans have heard about it. They're too busy watching the O'Reilly Factor on Fox, the "no-spin zone". Ever noticed how liars constantly plead "but i'm telling the truth..."

If Charlton Heston is so patriotic, he should go on a monkey-shoot.

Whatever, I don't care, it's not real, it's not here, it's only those funny Americans on TV.
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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Is beer my destiny? 

Is beer food?

Yes, but after a recent experiment I have decided that, on its own, it can only sustain you for three days, and after that you feel a bit depleted. Was the beer sustaining me for 3 days, or adrenalin, or both? Hmmm... more experiments may be required...

Anyway, the reason I brought you all here today is to tell you the best place for some zzzzzzzzzzz is in bed, not the cinema, so give Matrix Revolutions a miss. It is just an 80's action B-movie, with a few moments of okay-CGI and characters that respond to each other like AI bots.

Why am I here?
Why do you ask that?
What is your name?
Do I need a name?
Is this my destiny, to speak in monotone?
Only the Oracle can answer that.
Who is the Oracle?
Not nearly as interesting as a hobbit
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