Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Platinum Card and the C Word 

Our bank has just offered us a nice credit card upgrade from Gold to Platinum. More points, same fees, and we get to flash our platinum cards, which is slightly cool now that everyone and their dog has gold cards.

Nice move Westpac, but what will you do next time around? What comes after platinum??

It's like the "C word". It was on Sex and the City, but I'm still not comfortable with it. But a generation from now, it'll be commonplace is my guess, just like my parents were not as comfortable with fuck as I am.

And then the same thing happens - we run out of swear words with bite.

So I predict the future will have combos to replace them. After platinum will be Ultra Platinum, and after c*nt will be spastic retard c*nt.

Not the same is it!

Or maybe we'll go retro and we'll have the Jolly Good card and call someone a Dastardly Bugger.


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