Thursday, February 26, 2004

Alcoholic Pain 

Well, I have two new situations in my life, and combined they have given me a little headache (well, nasty headache, actually)

1) My US business partner and I are working very hard to set up an income stream, that, when up and running, requires no additional work. Stress Factor: our stated goal is to earn $20,000.... per day

2) Romantic shenanigans. All good, just moving into territory I have no experience in = stress, even if it is sub-conscious and buried away.

The result is I have this temporary, recurring thing called Cluster Headaches. I did some web searching and the descriptions of pain I found were equal to my own. Piercing, above one eye. Pacing backwards and forwards with clenched fists, yelling, seems to be the common response to the pain. This is the first time I've wimped out and gone to a doctor just for pain.

But all of that is not the problem. The problem is that Cluster Headaches get worse because of two factors: stress and alcohol. So I haven't been drunk for two weeks now, and despite feeling healthier, sleeping better, getting more work done, etc etc, I MISS IT SO!

So this weekend I will get trashed, knowing that a day of intense pain will follow (and it is far worse than the worst hangover you or I have ever had).

And to cap it all off, Angel is being canceled at the end of the season... :(

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Thursday, February 19, 2004


And the hard man of the week award goes to an Austrian:

"An Austrian man is in a critical condition after trying to commit suicide by cutting off both his arms with a chainsaw.

The unnamed man jammed the petrol-driven chainsaw's throttle on full power and sawed completely through one arm and partially severed the other before passing out.

Police said the man had hoped he would bled to death, but speedy first aid by those on the scene...."

Found at Ananova

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Stupid Americans 

Yep, stupid Americans. Shortly after Mr Atkins dies of (purportedly) being unheathy, the USA has gone mental and decided to forgo carbo, which is basically the foundation stone of civilization (hunter/gatherer settles down and tends to crops).

Witness: Burger King is now selling bunless burgers.

"Smaller chains Hardee's and Carl's Jr. dumped the bread from some hamburgers last month, going lettuce-wrapped instead, and TGI Friday's restaurant has started serving a bunless cheeseburger, too."

It won't be long before the Americans start snacking on raw mincemeat (hamburger, they call it), straight out of a foil bag. It won't be long before they start eating cows before they make it to the slaughterhouse. It won't be long before they eat each other. Oh, the irony!
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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Melbourne: Loveable, Liveable 

It has happened before and it has happened again - I have intentionally chosen to live in, in my opinion, the best city in the world: Melbourne, Australia. And the experts have agreed!

I think it is the best in terms of low crime, interesting weather, relaxed attitude, variety of cultures, art, public transport, excellent cheap restaurants, cinema, low enough tax, good social welfare system, and it has some beaches (although they ain't the best in thew world).

Melbourne best city in world

Melbourne has been ranked by the Economist Intelligence Unit the best city in the world for expatriates to live in. Here's the top 15 and selected others:

1– Melbourne
1– Vancouver (been there)
1– Vienna

4 Perth
5 Geneva
6– Adelaide (been there)
6– Brisbane (been there)
6– Copenhagen (been there)
6– Montreal
6– Oslo
6– Sydney (been there)
6– Zurich
13– Helsinki
13– Stockholm
13– Toronto


19– Auckland (lived there)
19– Honolulu (been there)
28– Paris (been there)
45– London (lived there)
51– Dublin (been there)
51– New York (lived there)
57– Washington
64– Athens
75– Beijing
130 Port Moresby

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