Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Miss Dice 

Just watched The Chaos Theory and it reminded me of when I read The Dice Man and the interesting adventures that followed due to the roll of a die, something I'd like to partake in again one day, albeit more sensibly.

It was also interesting seeing Stuart Townsend, who is one of those "almost became a star" people. There's nothing wrong with his charisma, acting, choice of roles, or celebrity (his partner is Charlize Theron).

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pink and Purple 

Colour is a funny thing - it is a learned consensus. We are not born knowing what to call each colour, but rather someone else tells us what it is called, and they got it from someone else.

My wife and daughter each regularly tell me that something is pink, when I am sure it is purple. Could I be one of the rare men (usually it is a female thing) that can see extra colours? Or is it the females in my family are the ones with this ability? It's called Tetrachromacy:
One study suggested that 2–3% of the world's women might have the kind of fourth cone that lies between the standard red and green cones, giving, theoretically, a significant increase in color differentiation. Another study suggests that as many as 50% of women and 8% of men may have four photopigments

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mexico Decriminalises Drugs :) 

Mexico has quietly enacted a radical change in drug policy:
Under the new rules there will be no action taken against those carrying up to a half-gramme of cocaine, 40 grammes of marijuana or 50 milligrammes of heroin.
This is happening everywhere in Central and South America. Sorry USA, you have lost the war on drugs - find something new to be unreasonable about.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Two Souls - One Reincarnation 

Gazing adoringly at our newborn son, my wife thinks he looks like her granddad, and I think he looks like my grandma. And so we are wondering out loud if, just like a biological baby is the byproduct of two biological beings, a baby's soul is the combined reincarnation of two souls.

I think this might help explain why reincarnation "feels right" but is lacking in proof, due to mixed messages.


Friday, September 04, 2009

Belu Carbon-Neutral Bottled Water 

The bottle is made from corn and is biodegradable. The water is sourced locally. The profits go to clean water projects. This is a brilliant idea, and so far only in the UK. They need money to expand, and I reckon Belu would be a hit in Australia, so next time I win lotto I'll help them launch it here ;)

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Old Beer & Wine - Coming to a bar near you! 

Chateau Jiahu, this blend of rice, honey and fruit was intoxicating Chinese villagers 9,000 years ago

Sah’tea for the general public—a modern update on a ninth-century Finnish beverage.

Theobroma, this cocoa-based brew was hatched from a chemical analysis of 3,200-year-old pottery fragments from the Cradle of Chocolate, the Ulua Valley in Honduras.
All three will be available for public consumption very soon. What a glorious experience that would be!


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