Saturday, November 28, 2009

Poms Fleeing Sinking Ship 

We know several UK people who have just decided enough is enough, and they are shifting to the greener pastures of Australia. And they aren't the only ones.

The number of people leaving Britain has soared to a record high, with Australia the top country of choice to set up home, new statistics show.

Official figures released on Thursday reveal 427,000 people emigrated from the UK in 2008, the highest number ever recorded and up 25 per cent on the previous year.

The rise was largely driven by a 50 per cent leap in the departure of non-British citizens for foreign shores, including 20,000 Australians who bid farewell to the UK.

While the number of emigrants bound for Australia dipped to 56,000 in 2008 from 59,000 a year earlier, Australia remained the clear destination of choice ahead of Poland, Germany, Spain and France.

Of those who moved Down Under, 63 per cent were British citizens and 32 per cent were Australians returning home.

The Poles have been in the UK for quite some time, because they could earn so much more there. For them to be heading home is really saying something. To me, the combination of GFC, immigration, and general British despair means that they are in a downward spiral, and witnessing friends and relatives escaping will make it harder for those that remain.

Unless the London Olympics restore some national pride and prove a huge boost to the economy (hopefully terrorists stay away), about all I can imagine could help Britain is a war. A real war.

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