Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lynx Deodorant Kills 

Poor kid, over-Lynxed himself in a room with no ventilation. Of course this applies to lots of seemingly harmless products, not just Lynx.

Found at the Daily Mail

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rugby League World Cup Final: Rigged 

Someone has to say it. The Aussies played with such apathy, you could almost suggest the game was rigged (although the sort of money that could be won without raising suspicion, divided by 18 or even 40 people, might not we worth the humiliation and risk).

One New Zealand try came from a five metre knock-on that somehow the video ref didn't notice, two tries were due to Australia putting in pathetically weak tackles, and another arose from an Aussie (Slater) amazingly throwing the ball over his own try line for a Kiwi to pounce on.

For something promoted as akin to a State of Origin game, there was no intensity in tackling. Compared to NZ's 2 games against the Poms, it was very, very weak.

The scoreline achieved was valued at 55-1 at BetFair, so it is not outside the realms of possibility. Thankfully union has not succumbed to WWF mentality.

UPDATE: I noticed TAB Sportsbet being quoted on how much money they made from losing bets on Australia, but not how much they lost on NZ winning...

Also, the Herald Sun said "Uncharacteristic errors, poor discipline, lazy defence and a number of unlucky calls all counted against Australia". Lazy defence? Not something you'd associate with a World Cup final in any sport. Uncharacteristic errors? Perhaps deliberate errors is what they could have written?

The last time there was a similar upset was when NZ beat the Aussies in the 2005 Tri-Nations final 24-0, when Wayne Bennett coached the Aussies (and subsequently resigned). And on Saturday he was the assistant coach for the Kiwis. This came out just before he resigned as Broncos coach:

The Telegraph reports mining magnate Ken Talbot has been injecting $100,000 a year into a family trust, claiming it's to help Bennett’s two disabled children.

Talbot has already been charged with corruptly paying $300,000 to a former Queensland minister and will face court on a number of charges next year.

The Aussie Captain, Darren Lockyer, played for the Broncos.

Lock Paul Gallen claimed the Australians were "stitched up", while others were highly critical of the controversial penalty try ruling by video referee Steve Ganson that took the game away from the Kangaroos.

Kangaroos coach Ricky Stuart was so incensed by the shock loss of his team to New Zealand in Saturday night's World Cup final he verbally attacked ARL chief executive and close friend Geoff Carr, alleging a conspiracy by tournament organisers.

Stuart is understood to have taken particular exception to a number of refereeing decisions that proved costly to his team and made accusations that an Australian loss suited the organisers and the future of the World Cup.

In case anyone actually reads this, I should point out I am a Kiwi, support the Kiwis, and wanted them to win - just not like that.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Australia the Movie - Foreign Flop 

Don't know if anyone else is predicting this, but I think the new Baz Luhrmann film will be a hit in Australia, and a dismal flop everywhere else. Not only is the Australian outback boring, but I don't think there's any chemistry between the leads, and I have a feeling that neither Jackman or Kidman have ever had romantic chemistry in any movie they have made. Plus, people might read JackMAN and KidMAN and figure Australia is Brokeback Mountain II.

At least I can have internal giggles imagining Americans searching for "Australia" on Google and going "OMG, it's the name of a country too!".

It might even cause a decline in Drizabone sales...

UPDATE: Opening weekend in the USA, Australia is reportedly fighting Transporter 3 for #7 at the box office.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thieving Aussies 

Not quite sure what to think of this one. I'm used to seeing Australia at the top of lists comparing nations, but usually for good things like quality of life. But then again, getting free stuff from your place of work could be adding to your quality of life??

The second annual Global Retail Theft Barometer reveals Australian retailers are victim of the world’s worst employee theft and fraud levels. Retail operators say employee theft is a greater problem than shoplifting.

The survey reveals retailers lose between 2% to 5% of the value of new products due to theft, or “shrinkage loss.” Products most coveted are razor blades, electronics, mobile phones, watches, make-up and alcohol.

...each Australian household is paying more than $420 a year on average to make up the shortfall.

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