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Howdy! I am Rob Skelton, a 47yr old Aussie/Kiwi bloke.

This is just my personal stuff. Visit the About Me page for links to my 2012 and Corporate stuff.

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An Abstract ImageDad fights to get child taken by her mom back

  • Robert Skelton has spent $20,000 in the last year just for the chance to hear his only child say, "Daddy."

Major in the US Air Force

TV Character

  • Rob Skelton was played by Francis Magee in the 1999 TV series "Bad Girls"

Meth Coordinator

  • Memphis police Sgt. Robert Skelton, has been the meth coordinator for three years. He's skeptical because the flavored meth hasn't been found in Memphis.

Financial Advisor


  • The The Cauld Lad of Hylton was a castle ghost from the 16th century named Robert Skelton


  • The year was 1990, and the occasion a demonstration against the war in the Persian Gulf. Northampton's Free Press, which included Rob Skelton, Ernie Wilson, Paul Scarpino, and Dave Durst, was the band with enough gumption to bring a generator and set up in the back of the pickup. The scene was a surreal and powerful expression of the attitude that Free Press embodied so perfectly: Think globally, rock locally.

Drinker & Dog Lover

  • A 31-year-old man named Robert Skelton who crashed his car while looking for a dog which escaped from his remote smallholding near Brampton has appeared in court for drink-driving. He ahd been drinking cider. Brampton is near Carlisle, in the UK. Coincidentally, the owner of this site was an (innocent) party to a crime involving a car and alcohol, when he was 31, in the Carlisle area.

Author of Dead Tidy

  • A writer named Robert Skelton has a book called Dead Tidy, which is about "kidnap, murder, mystery in an every day British setting". .

Olympic Swimming Champion

  • Robert D. Skelton (June 25, 1903 – June 25, 1977) was an American swimmer who a gold medal in the 200 m breaststroke event at the 1924 Summer Olympics.

Dope Arrests


Unfortunately these two gentlemen were punished by at least having their mugshot and name posted online, prior to any hearing - both for the triavial offence of possession of marijuana.