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Howdy! I am Rob Skelton, a 47yr old Aussie/Kiwi bloke.

This is just my personal stuff. Visit the About Me page for links to my 2012 and Corporate stuff.

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An Abstract ImageThere is this marvellous, wonderful, excellent service called Library Thing. If you have lots of books, if only for insurance purposes, order their ultra-cheap scanner, subscribe, and scan in all your books. It's like gardening.

My books are cataloged at Library Thing

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Equally as cool is - below is what they know I've been listening to. Sometimes I go to Amie St and buy music nobody has heard of (but some are well worthy of being known)

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x <---- My fave artists of the last 7 days. All time data here

And here's a list of every band I have ever seen live (that I can recall...)