Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Place to Stay Between Auckland & Hamilton 

My immediate family all live in the zone that is between Auckland airport and Hamilton. I don't really like staying in downtown Auckland, nor does Hamilton interest me.

For a nice, real Kiwi break, I stay in Pokeno. There's nothing there except for farms, a shop to buy basic groceries, and two shops that both sell exactly the same things - fast food and ice-cream that comes in dozens of flavours and is dirt cheap. Good for one day of budget non-dieting.

Anywhere in South Auckland / North Waikato is close. We choose to stay at the Pokeno Motel. It is new, clean, and they do food and beer. The staff are relaxed as (I say "see you next year", she says "yeah, if we're still open"). Stay there and chill out.

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