Reality Charity TV Show (a free* idea)

There was recently (Sep '04) a segment on Today Tonight (Channel 7, Australia) which highlighted the plight of a very elderly woman who was robbed of her life savings ($8000 that she kept at home). The show set up a charity phone line and within minutes the money was donated.

This show occasionally pays $100,000 to get an exclusive interview from someone news-worthy, often folk who do not deserve the cash. They got this woman's story for free. Her story was easily worth paying $8000 for, but it was the viewers who paid

The idea:

National charity organizations could provide cases, but each case needs to be be small, specific & personalized.

There will be many cases to choose from:

This idea is a natural extension of the "we did up someone's house/backyard for free" shows currently rating well in Australia.

* All I ask for is acknowledgement that I thought of it. I'll never get around the realising them myself, so go for it!
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