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Artificial Intelligence has the potential to rapidly destroy modern society. It could be secret AI, known AI or even network AI (lots of AI networked together around the globe, learning from each other). Famously Elon Musk as warned of the risks, along with other top scientists.

Prevention is the best cure, and hopefully limitations and safeguards will be in place to protect us.

But if that doesn’t happen, we need a Plan B. I propose a global network of secret volunteers who will leap to action and coordinate a dismantling of AI if AI attacks modern society.

  • shutdown electricity
  • shutdown AI in situ
  • shutdown Internet
  • shutdown fibre optic cables

In each case insiders with direct access is the best option. Otherwise there might be a bit of breaching security required.

Possible triggers:

  • meltdown of financial markets
  • war
  • mass discrimination (women unable to withdraw cash from ATMs, for example)
  • media propaganda
  • weather manipulation
  • robot disobedience

Each should be clear and obvious to all should they occur.

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I’ve spent enough time hanging out without folk who bet on the ponies (and read about, thanks Hank Chinaski) to know that everyone loses and the supposed winners only give you half the story. So it is with wars – the winning side is unlikely to share their failures, but in this day and age the truth surfaces:

Lt. Col. Christopher Raible, 40, and Sgt. Bradley Atwell, 27, were killed after 15 insurgents armed with automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and suicide vests breached the perimeter of Bastion about 10 p.m. Friday… The attack significantly damaged two additional AV-8B Harriers, each worth about $24 million, and destroyed three refueling stations, U.S. military officials said in a statement released Saturday. Six soft-skin aircraft hangars also were damaged. [Marine Corps Times]

If the USA achieved that against an enemy it would be front page news.

It sounds like the insurgents got away with it – no mention of captures or kills.

Good luck finding this story in the mainstream media!

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