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Autoplay is fine on Facebook, it is an active response to your scrolling through the feed. It wastes bandwidth, but provides additional revenue for Facebook, which means there is at least some value for someone attached to it. But is stops when you stop.

The story is quite different for YouTube, which these days plays the next video immediately after the one you chose to watch. Yes, there is value for Google, but when people stop watching, often the videos keep streaming.

While many grown ups might leave YouTube videos running in a browser tab, the chief culprit is children and Apple TV / ChromeCast. Children (and half of the adults out there) think that turning off the TV stops the streaming of the media they are watching. It doesn’t – the iPod, iPad or smartphone that is feeding ChromeCast keeps streaming youTube, even while the screen is off. For hours and days. When the TV is switched back on, the child is pleased that YouTube is still running, saves them a few steps.

Prediction: Internet providers will create advertisements pleading people to stop their app instead of switching off their TV.


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An intelligence chief is ranting about his needs. He says we need:

someone who has a fleet mind and lots of muscles….

His subordinates take this as an order and recruit Nickel Hayes, a flawed but talented quarterback with  a 3rd-tier team.

Nick becomes a spy for hire, as long as it fits in with his football schedule. Every episode is a different city.

Nick has a model girlfriend, but his female un-model agent helper slowly becomes his best friend ;)

The Chief was forced/tricked/unassumingly made Nick a big budget operative.

Every case is different, because Nick is the big buck $$$ superstar case-solver. Murder, corruption, and so on [Mentalist but gutsier... shhhh]

Nick is ultimately a nice guy with quick wits and athletic skills.

Slowly Nick evolves into an intelligence operative, and slowly he falls for his helper agent.

Meanwhile, he is so pumped by his off-field activities that on-field he is on fire. His team rises and he becomes a celeb…


He is one part Johnny English, one part James Bond, one part [put famous good looking quarterback here, I am not American]


The show offers:

  • a variety of USA locations – international in Season 2 when he becomes a kickboxer
  • action befitting a fit football star
  • morals befitting the ideal football star
  • high life lived
  • low-life of crimes investigated
  • cleverly having Nick involved but never implicated – the key point of difference!
  • an inside look into the training and dedication – too often we see heroes with perfect abs and no explanation of how they developed them. Lets see the hard work for a change…
  • Nick’s family is not mentioned. Season 3 could involve a conspiracy to involve him because of X family reason (his Dad went AWOL for example)


A new Hart to Hart, a new Moonlighting, with the glitz of Vegas and the innocence of Joey from Friends.


FREE IDEA: Just credit me as a co-creator.


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This is a case of “just watch”, but I guarantee it will cause a WTF? moment for most folk. Video can be seen here:

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