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Step 1: Involve an organization like the International Peace Bureau

Step 2: Get permission from the town of Nanyuki. It is in Kenya, on the equator, right next to Mt Kenya (2nd highest in Africa). I figured the equator was a good place to find a location, and I wanted somewhere with tourist appeal, not a violent country, and not too hard to get to. There is an airforce base right there.

Nanyuki main streer

Step 3: Get every nation to send a rock. They could make a big deal about sourcing it and transporting it – a bit like the Olympic torch.

Step 4: Build a giant stone circle. My son William says it could use the design of the peace symbol. The design will such that 40-50 initial stones will create the shape, but lots of room for any other stones to be added. As well as nation states, ethnic peoples could also contribute.

It would be the only truly international structure, something that is from everywhere and belongs to everyone.

I know I tend to have a lot of ideas that never make it to reality, but this one I would like to achieve.

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It’s true, because I presume nobody ever reads this, I sometimes use it as a place to store things I wish to remember. Here are two things I think William will like, and the other kids could tag along to:

Glow Golf

18 holes of “glow in the dark” golf. Looks pretty cool, and better than the numerous crap ones that are out there. It’s at Docklands, and they must be good, they have their own TV ad:


Sells skeletons, fossils, spiders and so on. At 439 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne – a shop that’s a bit different ;)

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Yep, in between the two tents is a tent, which from a distance looks like a camper van. Firebox in the UK are selling the tents for £299.99 (approx $US500). What a great way to meet random strangers at camping grounds!

Officially licensed by Volkswagon the VW Camper Tent is a full size replica of the 1965 Camper Van. Available in yellow, red or blue, it is certain to stand out from all other tents. Like the VW camper van the VW tent is large enough to stand up in (5 feet and 11 inches), and internally is divided into two rooms, sleeping 2 people in each one.

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It’s a little bit hard to believe, but in Bhutan they have a Yeti sanctuary, such is the strength of local belief in such beasties. And for the first time ever, this September foreign tourists will be permitted to visit. While it would unbelievably cool to visit the sanctuary and try to spot a Yeti (keeping in mind that a thick black hair found there has been DNA tested and the species is unknown…), you need to be able to handle the only way of getting there – six days of walking.

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