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We can’t celebrate the day foreigners stole this land from the indigenous folk. Because if it happened today it would be widely condemned, by us. And we are today, and we can change this public holiday.

The day we became our own country is out, because it was Jan 1. Regardless, a date change won’t be sufficient. We also need:

  • apology
  • acceptance
  • acknowledgement that nobody involved is alive today
  • resolve any outstanding land rights
  • agree that it is  a f**cked up situation that cannot be reversed
  • a new flag

The flag is pivotal, as it represents us. And it needs to change anyway, people keep thinking we are New Zealanders…

I advocate Jan 25 – the day before – representing the thousands of years that preceded the invasion.

One other possibility is not available to everyone, but I would if I could. Go back to where you came from. For me – Scotland.

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If the Occupy Movement concentrated purely on these ratbags, and not everything plus the kitchen sink, I’d be rooting for them…

I can’t see how this guy Jon Corzine isn’t guilty (but it’s possible, I guess):

  • Was CEO of Goldman Sachs – who, as just one example, were hired to hide Greece’s debts and cause all the financial turmoil of 2011. Such a deal gets the approval of the bosses, and is clearly unethical and morally wrong.
  • Lasted just one term as Governor of New Jersey
  • Then got a job running MF Global. They have just gone bankrupt, primarily due to $700 million of client’s money disappearing.
  • Corzine is reportedly worth $500 million – yet he seems to have not achieved anything good or worthwhile except for helping some rich folk get richer….
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