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A gardener who rose to fame quickly, Joseph Paxton was an English MP, and that was his 3rd most noteworthy achievement. He also invented the Cavendish banana (to say this variety is popular would be putting it mildly), and designed the Crystal Palace – a extraordinary building that housed the Great Exhibition in 1851. Yep, it was over 500m long and 139 wide, with a glass roof. It was built in just 8 months and at one stage they were installing 18,000 panes of glass per week. Absolutely extraordinary.

So, the movie idea… Frame it around this amazing gentleman, to highlight the incredible achievements of the British Empire of the that era. The Great Exhibition housed 13,000 exhibits from 44 countries, some of them very weird and marvellous indeed. This was where many people had their first experience of the flushing toilet… All sorts of other interesting things can take tangents. Think a Wes Anderson film.

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Think Children of the Corn… the idea of kids turning on adults is superb, and probably a statement on the state of society or something…


  • Aliens arrive
  • They can take over the minds of young folk, but not adults
  • Goal: cause humans to wipe out humans

Of course some smarty-pants works out that the kids are the cause, and he sets out to destroy them. Yep, big taboo to save humanity,

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The original was futuristic, but boring. This one will be a flop!

  • Jeff Bridges – no star pull with the kids
  • Too much spent on it, should have been way cheaper
  • Publicity suggests it will be as interesting as watching your mate play MotoGP on the XBox
  • No hot chicks

UPDATE: Took $44 million in the USA on the first weekend, but wait and see it drop rapidly down the rankings, because all the devoted fans have seen it, and leaves nobody else.

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