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Think Children of the Corn… the idea of kids turning on adults is superb, and probably a statement on the state of society or something…


  • Aliens arrive
  • They can take over the minds of young folk, but not adults
  • Goal: cause humans to wipe out humans

Of course some smarty-pants works out that the kids are the cause, and he sets out to destroy them. Yep, big taboo to save humanity,

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The original was futuristic, but boring. This one will be a flop!

  • Jeff Bridges – no star pull with the kids
  • Too much spent on it, should have been way cheaper
  • Publicity suggests it will be as interesting as watching your mate play MotoGP on the XBox
  • No hot chicks

UPDATE: Took $44 million in the USA on the first weekend, but wait and see it drop rapidly down the rankings, because all the devoted fans have seen it, and leaves nobody else.

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