— Bob-a-job-alog-a-roonie


Looks to me that someone has created a really good calendar / to-do app, and then make a non-electronic version of it, in written notebook form.

Just take a look at this page and tell me how to make new entries for a date without destroying the nice layout?


Not only is it impossible to expand spaces where needed, the whole system is inflexible. It seems to hinge around how a dot point can be changed to an X or > or <.

The system is really good except for two killer aspects:

1. Works better digitally
2. Works better if you just buy a diary with one page per day and lots of space

And here’s the fun fact – they sell a companion app for the physical idea that exists purely to replace apps

Caveat – yes, the more effort you put into noting down something, the more you are inclined to recall it, and integrate into the rest of your life. So just doodle in a journal and use Google calendar.



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