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Artificial Intelligence has the potential to rapidly destroy modern society. It could be secret AI, known AI or even network AI (lots of AI networked together around the globe, learning from each other). Famously Elon Musk as warned of the risks, along with other top scientists.

Prevention is the best cure, and hopefully limitations and safeguards will be in place to protect us.

But if that doesn’t happen, we need a Plan B. I propose a global network of secret volunteers who will leap to action and coordinate a dismantling of AI if AI attacks modern society.

  • shutdown electricity
  • shutdown AI in situ
  • shutdown Internet
  • shutdown fibre optic cables

In each case insiders with direct access is the best option. Otherwise there might be a bit of breaching security required.

Possible triggers:

  • meltdown of financial markets
  • war
  • mass discrimination (women unable to withdraw cash from ATMs, for example)
  • media propaganda
  • weather manipulation
  • robot disobedience

Each should be clear and obvious to all should they occur.

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These facts were presented in Parliament, so that makes them more believable than most conspiracy theories… In a nutshell, Qantas is deliberately taking on the costs of their Jetstar subsidiary, because it is something they can sell one day, for a good price if it looks profitable. Qantas itself is required by law to stay in Aussie hands. These are the words of Senator Xenophon last August:

  • In Melbourne, for example, my information from inside the Qantas group is that Jetstar does not pay for any gates, but instead Qantas domestic is charged for the gates.
  •  Why does Qantas lease five check-in counters at Sydney Terminal 2, only to let Jetstar use one for free? 
  •  I am told Qantas’s legal department also does free work for Jetstar.
  • It is extremely rare for a Qantas passenger to be rebooked on a Jetstar flight, but Jetstar passengers are regularly rebooked onto Qantas flights. I am informed that Jetstar never pays Qantas for the cost of those rebooked passengers and yet Jetstar gets to keep the revenue from the original bookings. 
  • Jetstar passengers can and do use the Qantas Club but Jetstar does not pay for the cost of any of this.

More examples detailed at OzHouse.org

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It has taken a decade, but the momentum is still building. Hopefully one day the truth will emerge. Meanwhile, this ad on NY TV must be helping:

Disclose.tv - The advert 1,000,000 new yorkers will see. Video

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