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(in Ballarat)

I ate at 25 different takeaways, twice at the finalists, over a winter and a bit, to determine who was best fish and chips in Ballarat.

None was drop-dead brilliant, but one was consistently tasty, fast and reasonably priced, Northway Fish House:

Northway Fish House

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(the image above is in the direction of what I imagine, but a whole lot different…)

The venue already has a name – Munch.

The concept is obviously a twist on existing burgers. Layer by layer:

A thin bun. Probably sour dough but half the regular thickness. Might need some science to stay intact…

Sauce. Capsicum and tomato. Touch of chilli.

Cheese. But in strips, so the layers have some randomness. Long strips so they can hang over the edge.

Bacon. Boiled, not fried? Not sure, I want it soft enough to bite through in the middle of a burger.

The meat patty. Infused with onion. Moist, from being boiled? Then deep fried with a thin layer of batter.

Salad. Instead of being loose pieces of lettuce, I propose a vegetable fritter containing the healthiest and most fashionable veggies.

Optional bottom layer: could be mayo, or roasted capsicums, or fries, or something else reasonably thin. I think giant collapsing burgers are stupid.

Bottom half of the bun (of course). The buns are fried on the grill, with butter, and a weight upon them – to give them a touch of a grilled cheese sandwich going on. Actually, I think more two-day-old slices of bread than burger buns. Perhaps something in-between?

No lettuce. No onion (its in the pattie). No tomato – too slippy, already exists in the sauce.

The burger has always been about a cacophony of tastes and textures. My idea is to improve on that by giving more dimensions to the cheese, making it healthier and less fall-apart with a veggie fritter, and lowering the carb content and sheer bulk with lower profile buns. Maybe a bun with a bit of crust????

Regarding the pattie, I’m unsure of the first step, but 2nd step is a burst of hot deep frying, and the 3rd step is BBQed (like Burger King) with the cheeses strips melting onto it. “Triple Cooked”?.





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Recent events have convinced me that major corporations keep and innovation up their sleeves for when they need the most – when there are signs that their business is about to take a downward turn.


All-day breakfast. They knew that people had wanted this for an eternity. The timing of enabling this must be meaningful.
The Chicken Big Mac. I’m not a McDonalds fan, but I can see why this might appeal to some.


Dark Dairy Milk. This is a killer product. Many, many people find dairy milk too light and dark chocolate (Old Gold) too dark.  Either they invented this last week, or it has been waiting for the right moment for many years…


Rely on Medibank’s expertise and range of covers to help you stay invincible, with things like optical, psychology, dental, and more. [link]
Yep, they are implying that health insurance, which primarily reacts to bad health outcomes, will help you be invincible to anything?
This language is extreme, and reeks of desperation. You can just imagine the corporate leaders agreeing to this wording because it is their last chance.


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This is a new and disturbing trend – achieving something that is a disadvantage to the business you are dealing with, takes more effort than should be reasonably expected.


Foxtel – sign up online without talking to a human. To cancel, you need to phone them during business hours, and be on hold for up to 30 minutes, then endure a retention specialist trying to convince you to stay.

ING Direct – I received a letter telling me that my fees had changed (I joined them because of the no fees…). The letter said I could see the changes if I visited a particular URL. They could have just told me, but they required me to take an extra step, and read a long document full of information that doesn’t apply to me, to find out I am now paying $60/yr for my “fee free” account.

Solution – a law in two parts:

The ease of making an agreement with a business should be matched by the ease of ending the agreement.
When information is needed to be shared with a customer, it should take the least effort on the customer’s part to see and understand the information. If the information can be provided particular to the client’s situation, that should be the only information provided.

** Although I don’t expect any law changes on this, I have recently discovered that getting married is extremely easy to achieve, but having an amicable divorce involves a mass of paperwork if the government is involved in any way (such as receiving any money from them).



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There are three types of successful restaurants:

Fast food – generic crap for people who don’t know or care
Local and loved – flying under the radar, singular family run restaurants that provide consistent quality and service
Fine dining – the 10% paying a premium for perceived and probably better meals

For the 90%, the choices are the first two above. Cheap and easy, or a night out at an affordable restaurant with a level of quality.

But what the 90% truly prefer is Mum’s food, comfort food. So I propose a fast food place that provides the comfort food of your earlier years:

  • Hot Dogs
  • Grilled/Toasted Sandwiches
  • Pies
  • Roast Meat Rolls
  • Roast Dinners
  • Hamburgers

Divide the menu board into two: Standard and Fancy. Call the business This and That. Or Hem. Or Cardigan

Hot Dogs – $4 regular with homemade ketchup / $8 kransky with apple sauce
Toasted Sarnies – $4 for ham/cheese/tomato / $8 tandoori chicken and chutney
Pies – $4 for beef / $8 for bolognese
Hamburgers – $4 for a cheeseburger / $8 for a chicken schnitzel & slaw burger
Chips – $2 from the bain-marie / $4 for freshly cooked and beer battered

Serving time ranges from zero to 5 minutes.

Prices are uniform. You choose the food that you want, not based on cost. $4 for standard, $8 for fancy.

Water is free. Coke etc is $1.

Eat in is $1 more. Served on crockery, with metal cutlery.  Takeout is $1 cheaper if you bring your own container.

Call it Warped

Have  a signature tomato sauce.

If you were wondering about the target market:
66 per cent of Australians choosing to cook meat and three veg every night

And how many do a good job of it?


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Simple concept:

See the logo / screenshot
Swipe left or right
Choose to see more info if that is important to you

Everyone who votes for a business idea gets a chance to invest in it…


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Yet another business idea for you :)

Train prospective chefs for a month at a private facility, and at the same time they can sort out which ingredients they will need. I don’t know how you find them, perhaps also-rans from Master Chef??

Every new moon the restaurant proper gets a new chef, with 10 menu items they created. The rest of the menu consists of a few staples that never change, but non with enough wow enough on their own to be the main reason people visit. I’m thinking entrees, deserts and sides.

For the first week of a new chef, everything is 1/2 price, including drinks. This inspires people to give the new menu a go. With the understanding that their might be some hiccups.

Aside from the chef, all the staff are permanent, all systems are permanent, decor is permanent.

The chef’s photo/story are promoted with the menu, and you can take the menu home. It also has one recipe.

Big party at full moon, regardless of the day of week. One sitting, followed by drinks and live music, set price.

At the end of the month, if the chef is a hit, they get one encore month. Beyond that, the owners may choose to invest in a full-time restaurant with the chef.

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Two ideas – they could be opposite each other on the main shopping street:

Merry Meat

High-end butchers, liquor store and delicatessen. The idea being that people buying quality meat or deli goods will be inspired to buy quality alcohol. The focus is on the finest, most decadent things in life – but not in a fusty way. Quality over quantity. Space made to display food and drink fads. I mean display like a science fair exhibit. Like, really present why they should buy into what is presented.

Fruit & Vegan

Again, this is high-end. People buying quality produce (fruit and vegetables), will be tempted by the vegan products and art for sale. Think condensed farmers market.

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