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Travel Plans

I have less (full-time) responsibilities than I’ve had for more than a decade, and plenty of annual leave up my sleeve. Some ideas of where to go, but I doubt I’ll venture off on my own.

3 Nights in Sweden / $1500

Cook your own food, fetch your own water, and go on wilderness treks to spot elk, beavers and wolves. Three creatures I expect I’d never encounter otherwise.

Michoacán – Mexico

In November I can see the gazillion monarch butterflies, pyramids and the Night of the Dead.

Pantanal – Brazil

Caiman, toucans, marsh deer, giant river otters & jaguars, on horseback, near the Iguacu falls.

Astana, Kazakhstan


There’s many ways of doing this, and I pretty much want to see every ancient thing. This tour is only $100/day and would be a good first visit.

Walk the West Highland Way.

Underground tunnels in Malta

Kumano Kodo – Japan

A pilgrimage walk.

Bangkok – Chiang Mai, by slow train

Ancient temples, villages, wilderness. Cheap! Look up Sukhothai.

 Tayrona National Park – Colombia

Jungle meets beautiful beaches. Remote enough to be cool, but I won’t be the only tourist.

Da Shuhua – China

…blacksmiths in the village of Nuanquan, located in the the Hebei province, tossed cupfuls of molten iron against the city gate, hard and cool in the winter air. The result was a spectacular shower of blooms resembling giant glowing flowers from which the festival (translating to mean “tree flower”) took its name.

Hiking in Jordan

What better way of understanding why people live in such a desolate place than walking it….

 La Gomera – Canary Islands


Einstok Brewing Company – Iceland


Yangling Mausoleum and Maoling Mausoleum, Xian, China

Pyramids that tourists can visit. Others are seemingly able to be climbed by anyone? Yes, China has a lot of very big pyramids!

Catatumbo, Venezuela

Best lightning in the world. Or the Northern Territory of Australia during rainy season.

Spitsbergen Island, Norway

Northern lights, or 24 hrs of sunshine, or their Octoberfest. Plus there is a ghost town, the doomsday seed vault and polar bears. Flights from Oslo are cheap.

Cherrapunjee, India

Virtually the wettest place on Earth. The record holder by a bare margin is a few miles away but has no hotels. Visit in July when it averages 128 inches per day (although I don’t know how I will get in and out…)

Dallol, Ethiopia

The hottest inhabited place on Earth. Looks like Mars, plus a volcano and sulphur hot pools. You can only get there by camel with armed guards.

Nyiragongo Volcano, Goma, Congo

Goma has a million people who could die next time this volcano erupts, if the poisonous gases (carbon dioxide and methane) don’t kill them first, or violent humans. You can take a 2-day hike to the lava lake at top of the volcano.

The Catacombs of Paris

The Dead Sea

Costa Rica

Isla Holbox 

An island in Mexico, Mayan-named “black hole”. Flamingos and whale sharks. Cheap, hippie, golf buggies. Expensive but has hostels


Trek to Ciudad Perdida, Colombia
Visitors to the Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona in Northern Colombia can enjoy lounging around in lots of dense rainforest and beautiful sandy beaches. But those eager for an active adventure should look into the wild 5-day trek out to the ‘Lost City’, Ciudad Perdida.

Climb an active volcano in Pucón, Chile
Pucón lies 780km south of Santiago in Chile’s stunningly beautiful lake district.

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