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The Ultimate Burger


(the image above is in the direction of what I imagine, but a whole lot different…)

The venue already has a name – Munch.

The concept is obviously a twist on existing burgers. Layer by layer:

A thin bun. Probably sour dough but half the regular thickness. Might need some science to stay intact…

Sauce. Capsicum and tomato. Touch of chilli.

Cheese. But in strips, so the layers have some randomness. Long strips so they can hang over the edge.

Bacon. Boiled, not fried? Not sure, I want it soft enough to bite through in the middle of a burger.

The meat patty. Infused with onion. Moist, from being boiled? Then deep fried with a thin layer of batter.

Salad. Instead of being loose pieces of lettuce, I propose a vegetable fritter containing the healthiest and most fashionable veggies.

Optional bottom layer: could be mayo, or roasted capsicums, or fries, or something else reasonably thin. I think giant collapsing burgers are stupid.

Bottom half of the bun (of course). The buns are fried on the grill, with butter, and a weight upon them – to give them a touch of a grilled cheese sandwich going on. Actually, I think more two-day-old slices of bread than burger buns. Perhaps something in-between?

No lettuce. No onion (its in the pattie). No tomato – too slippy, already exists in the sauce.

The burger has always been about a cacophony of tastes and textures. My idea is to improve on that by giving more dimensions to the cheese, making it healthier and less fall-apart with a veggie fritter, and lowering the carb content and sheer bulk with lower profile buns. Maybe a bun with a bit of crust????

Regarding the pattie, I’m unsure of the first step, but 2nd step is a burst of hot deep frying, and the 3rd step is BBQed (like Burger King) with the cheeses strips melting onto it. “Triple Cooked”?.





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