— Bob-a-job-alog-a-roonie

The Answer to Terrorism is Easy



I firmly believe that every human needs and desires love.

When a person doesn’t have love in their life, they choose a proxy.

It might be a love of their work, dedication at the gym, passion about a hobby, or graffiti.

Sometimes a lack of love leads to anger and resentment. In rare extreme cases it leads to murder, where the proxy for love overrules all reason and compassion.

The answer to terrorism is to give love to everyone. No matter how hard loving particular people might be.

Love thy neighbour. Love your weird neighbour. Love the neighbour who scares you or creeps you out.

Love someone who is angry or says hateful things.

Bombard them with love until love wins.

Afterthought: How many world leaders can you name who have declared or demonstrated personal love?


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