— Bob-a-job-alog-a-roonie

Drunken Haikus

Spontaneous and unworked.


Only sleep because
Dreams are better than drudgery
Endlessly possible…


Finish the cheap wine
It’s worth at least 30 cents
Dancing worst outcome


Verbal diarrhoea
My Dad said when I spoke up
Just engaging Dad


Easier to type
Than to drag oneself to bed
Sliding off the chair


Apartment too big
Bed too big alone I guess
Corridor too small


Below freezing now
Stubborn melancholy wheeze
Won’t give up my choice


All children frozen
Kookaburras laugh, they jest
Country family time


Rotund artisan
Chihuahua cuddles close
Now on Instagram


Dance in manure
Cats whiskers observe their prey
Politicians spit


Art in a sewer
Silhouette crows observing
Hooded madman peeks


Distant angels lie
Dance around the desperation
Mostly they succumb


Pretty sweet baubles
Wolf licks its fairytale tongue
Aaaaargh I got you girl
Walls I cannot touch
Distant family grabbing me
Space between atoms
The only measure
The weight of the squat cask wine
Know just where I am
Cold pizza stand-off
Needless devour v 3 lunches
Vegetables mostly
Weekly anguished shave
One last remaining chin hair
Out damn stubborn spot
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