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A Restaurant Chain Targeting Unfancy Diners

There are three types of successful restaurants:

Fast food – generic crap for people who don’t know or care
Local and loved – flying under the radar, singular family run restaurants that provide consistent quality and service
Fine dining – the 10% paying a premium for perceived and probably better meals

For the 90%, the choices are the first two above. Cheap and easy, or a night out at an affordable restaurant with a level of quality.

But what the 90% truly prefer is Mum’s food, comfort food. So I propose a fast food place that provides the comfort food of your earlier years:

  • Hot Dogs
  • Grilled/Toasted Sandwiches
  • Pies
  • Roast Meat Rolls
  • Roast Dinners
  • Hamburgers

Divide the menu board into two: Standard and Fancy. Call the business This and That. Or Hem. Or Cardigan

Hot Dogs – $4 regular with homemade ketchup / $8 kransky with apple sauce
Toasted Sarnies – $4 for ham/cheese/tomato / $8 tandoori chicken and chutney
Pies – $4 for beef / $8 for bolognese
Hamburgers – $4 for a cheeseburger / $8 for a chicken schnitzel & slaw burger
Chips – $2 from the bain-marie / $4 for freshly cooked and beer battered

Serving time ranges from zero to 5 minutes.

Prices are uniform. You choose the food that you want, not based on cost. $4 for standard, $8 for fancy.

Water is free. Coke etc is $1.

Eat in is $1 more. Served on crockery, with metal cutlery.  Takeout is $1 cheaper if you bring your own container.

Call it Warped

Have  a signature tomato sauce.

If you were wondering about the target market:
66 per cent of Australians choosing to cook meat and three veg every night

And how many do a good job of it?


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