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Ask People What They Want


Yawn, politics again…

To be successful in a democracy, a politician needs to please the most people. The key to pleasing folk is to discover what they actually want.

So just ask them:

If someone could help you achieve it, what would you most want to do?

Obviously it needs to be asked to a lot of people, and a cross-section of society (a good excuse to find new ways of conducting surveys that aren’t biased towards bored people with landline phones). I figure this particular question works best if people are given time to ponder it.

You can guarantee that in the resulting answers there will be indicators as to what people really want from life. And then, within reason, give it to them.


People want to experience foreign lands, but can’t afford it. Create a working holiday exchange program.

People want to open their own cafe. Create a TAFE course designed to guide them, but also save them from making costly mistakes.

People want to quit their minimum wage job and work on their art. Create a universal wage system.

People want to quit their minimum wage job and spend more time looking after their disadvantaged family member or friend. Create a universal wage system.

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