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New Moon – Revolving Chef Restaurant


Yet another business idea for you :)

Train prospective chefs for a month at a private facility, and at the same time they can sort out which ingredients they will need. I don’t know how you find them, perhaps also-rans from Master Chef??

Every new moon the restaurant proper gets a new chef, with 10 menu items they created. The rest of the menu consists of a few staples that never change, but non with enough wow enough on their own to be the main reason people visit. I’m thinking entrees, deserts and sides.

For the first week of a new chef, everything is 1/2 price, including drinks. This inspires people to give the new menu a go. With the understanding that their might be some hiccups.

Aside from the chef, all the staff are permanent, all systems are permanent, decor is permanent.

The chef’s photo/story are promoted with the menu, and you can take the menu home. It also has one recipe.

Big party at full moon, regardless of the day of week. One sitting, followed by drinks and live music, set price.

At the end of the month, if the chef is a hit, they get one encore month. Beyond that, the owners may choose to invest in a full-time restaurant with the chef.

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