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A Timeline of Giving Up


One way of looking at getting older is the things that you no longer care about. And perhaps the secret of staying (at least seeming) young is to do the opposite?

BTW, this isn’t me and just a broad generalisation based on what I see around me… and it isn’t particularly gender-specific

(age) 18 – stop writing poetry
24 – stop trying to impress your boss
27 – the last time you read literature
32 – stop buying your partner flowers
35 – stop going to the gym
42 – the last time you went to the theatre
44 – stop listening to new music, the old stuff is better
45 – stopped noticing ants on the footpath
48 – the last time you tried a new food dish – didn’t like it
51 – danced, actually danced, instead of shuffling
54 – the last time you went on vacation to somewhere new
55 – stopped buying clothing or shoes that are modernly fashionable
58 – the last time you walked upright, with pride
62 – felt you could fall in love with that new person, but it’s too hard
63 – stop caring if what you say upsets or offends others
65 – the last time you licked an ice cream
67 – the current TV set will outlast me
70 – no more pets, you’ve said goodbye to too many
72 – stopped noticing birds
75 – stopped listening to your partner – they haven’t noticed
83 – stop watching your team that rarely wins
88 – stop watching reruns of your favourite shows
93 – stop caring about your latest new-born relatives, or any family except for you own children

Note to self, this could be a collection of existentialist short stories. Think Raymond Carver…

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