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Drink Driving But Not

Parallel Drinking

Necking beers at home so you are in the same state as when he/she/them gets home.

Double Parked

IMG_9987 (1)

This is a technique for heavy drinkers to slow down when need arises. When you have almost finished a beer, buy another. Place the full beer behind the first. Every time you reach for the first, emptier beer, you will see the other full beer is in play. The neck this and buy another instinct is gone. The oddness reminds you of why you are trying to slow down. Raise the emptier beer to your lips and just let the beer touch them. Put it down.

Those last drops can last an hour.

Tow Away Zone

This is where someone, if they stay five minutes longer, will be incapable of getting home on their own.

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