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Donagh House, Co. Fermanagh

When I was little I was told that I could have been heir to a castle in Ireland. As the eldest son of the eldest son (repeat, repeat, repeat etc) it kinda made sense. When my grandfather was a young, poor NZ farmer, he inherited Donagh House, near Lisnaskea in Northern Ireland. The catch was he needed to pay back-taxes, and so it slipped out of our family’s hands.

Here’s all I could find online, starting with it being worth £253 in 1876. It is now listed but derelict. I figure I will reclaim it if I win Lotto…


253_pounds_1876 listed


The O.S. Memoirs of the 1830s noted several good dwelling houses with farms attached in the Parish of Galloon. Donagh House was one such dwelling and at that time it was unoccupied following the death of the owner, a William Noble Esquire. A two-storey, five-bay, double-pile country house with an attractive Gibbsian door surround, it has been empty since the 1970s and is in a very poor condition. Reminiscent in many ways of Rossconor House (see p. 63), it occupies a very prominent, elevated position and could assume pride of place once more.

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  1. Alicia Anderson says: February 21, 20155:08 am

    My Grandfather bought this property in the early 1900′s and it was my Uncle’s death in the 70′s that led to the sale and further vacating of Donagh House. I have many memories of this house while visiting my cousins and we all have great sadness at the state of this wonderful building as well as inquiries to saving it with the historical society. If I could win the lottery, I would also save this fabulous building. It breaks my heart to see it covered in ivy and the back kitchen falling in. I still remember many games of hide and seek as well as a great feeling of home.

  2. Robert Skelton says: July 1, 201510:54 am

    Merry meet. If I win the lottery I’ll share it with you – the house that is.

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