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Jon Corzine & Financial Scumbags

If the Occupy Movement concentrated purely on these ratbags, and not everything plus the kitchen sink, I’d be rooting for them…

I can’t see how this guy Jon Corzine isn’t guilty (but it’s possible, I guess):

  • Was CEO of Goldman Sachs – who, as just one example, were hired to hide Greece’s debts and cause all the financial turmoil of 2011. Such a deal gets the approval of the bosses, and is clearly unethical and morally wrong.
  • Lasted just one term as Governor of New Jersey
  • Then got a job running MF Global. They have just gone bankrupt, primarily due to $700 million of client’s money disappearing.
  • Corzine is reportedly worth $500 million – yet he seems to have not achieved anything good or worthwhile except for helping some rich folk get richer….