Virtual Restaurant Date (a free* idea)

Here's the scenario:

Create two restaurants, one in New York & one in London. They are long and narrow, and they look exactly the same. Along the long back wall have deep half-tables up against the wall, and the wall is a giant video display, showing the view from the wall of the other restaurant. Serve exactly the same food.

Joe goes to the New York restaurant, and Mary goes to the London restaurant. They have bookings for table 6. When they sit, they can see the whole of the other restaurant, and their date, in front of them. Waiters are co-ordinated to arrive at the same time, as are meals.

The only problem I can think of is time differences. It would only work for rich folk, and the food would have to be good, of course.

UPDATE: 08 March 2006 - New Scientist - Could glowing, Wi-Fi wine glasses let people in long-distance relationships feel more in touch with their other half? Don't scoff: researchers in Boston at MIT's Media Lab - that citadel of outside-the-box thinking - believe so. When you and your partner both raise the high-tech glasses they will glow warmly, no matter how far apart you are. The idea is to give the feeling of a shared drinking experience.

* All I ask for is acknowledgement that I thought of it. I'll never get around the realising them myself, so go for it!
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