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Howdy! I am Rob Skelton, a 47yr old Aussie/Kiwi bloke.

This is just my personal stuff. Visit the About Me page for links to my 2012 and Corporate stuff.

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This is the sharing generation, so here are things about me that quite likely nobody cares about, but I'm putting out there because I can.

  • my blog - lots of science and wacky things and opinions. I have 7 blogs and this is the least visited of all (older posts are here)
  • free ideas - some of these are pure gold. I lack the time, finances and motivation to make them happen, but that doesn't mean you can't
  • music and books - I consume these in great quantities, check them out
  • ancestors - I'm proud of them all, find out who I am definitely and possibly related to
  • other Robs - people with the same name as me. Because I can
  • and I wrote a screenplay once - any film maker can have it for free, as long as they credit me as the author. It's called White Mice [Large PDF File], about a fun, violent stay at a medical research facility.

Hmmm... chocolate


Nothing to sell. Aaaahh, relax. Nice. Sweet. Refuge.

But wait!

Nup, it's gone.